Acura TL Catalytic Converter Scrap Price – Where Can You Sell It?

You may think that the more expensive the vehicle, the more money you can get for a scrap cat. But it doesn't work with luxurious Acura cars. These vehicles all have Honda engines inside and they actually have Honda catalytic converters. It seems to be OK, but still, you need to know something before you sell your scrap catalytic converter from an Acura TL.

Today, we'll tell you the approximate prices for Acura TL catalytic converters. Also, we'll offer some of the most lucrative ways to sell your old cat converter fast. You will need to know some secrets of Acura cats in order to get more money and not be fooled by foxy scrapyard workers. And you will also need to know the potential weight of precious metals one can get from a TL converter.

Here is what we are going to discuss today:

  1. The catalytic converter location and type in Acura TL.
  2. What should be the price of a scrap cat converter from a TL?
  3. How much can recycling companies earn on Acura TL converters?
  4. Where should you sell your old converter?
  5. How much is it to replace a catalytic converter in your Acura?

Let's get started!

Where is the Acura TL catalytic converter located?

Acura cats are usually short and fat barrels that are located under the vehicle, between the exhaust manifold of the engine and the muffler. This part is integrated with the exhaust pipe and it is not easy to take off. You will need to cut it out if you want to sell it well.

The TL was produced between 1996 and 2014. It's actually the Honda Accord but a little more luxurious. The vehicle changed four generations and had a lot of engines. Each engine has a certain type of converter.

Here's what you should know about Acura TL cat converters:

  • they are actually Honda catalytic converters;
  • 3.5- and 3.7-liter V6 engines had the biggest cats;
  • some TL models had two main cats, while others had a single converter;
  • also, a TL often has a converter that has no serial number and no logo on it;
  • the Acura converters are just sold as "mid-sized foreign cats", nothing special;
  • selling a cat is sometimes hard because buyers struggle to identify them.

Cat converters in the Acura TL help reduce gas emissions. The catalysts like platinum, palladium, and rhodium clean the gasses and provide a chemical reaction that reduces the amount of potentially dangerous components in the exhaust gasses.

You can't drive your Acura TL without a catalytic converter or with a fully clogged cat just because this will make it impossible to pass a fog test. Also, the cat is the part of the exhaust system and if it has a hole, you'll hear the roaring of the engine.

What's the scrap price of an Acura TL catalytic converter?

Here we need to say that it's extremely hard to identify the Acura catalytic converter. It means that sometimes even specialists can't say for sure if it's an original catalytic converter. And that's why a lot of scrapyards will just tell you that you have an aftermarket cat that costs about $20.

If you are sure that the catalytic converter is OEM, you should sell it to another company. We know that the average price of the Acura TL malfunctioning cat should be between $180 and $240. This price range is a little higher than average.

The price will depend on a couple of important factors:

  • the year and the engine of your TL - this will help buyers identify the cat and offer you a certain price;
  • the price of precious metals on the market - this doesn't depend on you, it's just another factor to consider;
  • the condition of the cat - unfortunately, shabby rusty cats will not be bought at a high price;
  • the company you've chosen to sell your cat converter to - this is important and we'll talk about it later.

To get an idea of what your TL catalytic converter costs, you may use eBay or another marketplace. Just find people trying to sell their cat converters from the same Acura TL year and engine. You will be able to find the top prices. Of course, the real prices will be a little lower, but still, it gives you the idea.

When you are about to sell your cat converter, you should check all possible options, not just sell it to the first person who offers you some money. Investigate the prices. Maybe, one year after this article is published, a cat converter will cost twice more money. So, we'll give you some instruments to get the best price.

How much money do recycling companies earn from cat converters?

Acura TL catalytic converters aren't brilliant in terms of the number of precious metals you can find there. But they are average. You will be able to find about 1.5 grams of rhodium in each cat. Also, you will have 7 grams of platinum and up to 5 grams of palladium. This means, that the total revenue of the company can be about $1500.

But you should count how much money a recycling company will spend to get these metals. They will pay for your cat and its shipping, they will pay taxes, salaries, and license payments, and they will also pay for the recycling of ceramic and metal elements left after primary recycling. So, their revenues aren't as high as you may think.

Where should you sell your Acura TL catalytic converter?

Well, this is the most important question to discuss. Your Acura TL old cat converter should be sold at the best possible price. And here, you can influence one factor only - the choice of the buyer. Once you choose the bad buyer, you will lose your money. We can say, over half of Americans sell their old cat converters to the wrong companies and they just lose their money.

We tend to sell our cats to different private buyers who are actually just middlemen, we sell them to scrapyards, car shops, etc. But these are not the best ways to get more money for your car.

Here's what you should try:

  1. Google for companies that buy catalytic converters for recycling. There are a lot of them, but five or six are enough for your experiment.
  2. Take pictures of the converter you have. You can also weigh it in if it doesn't have a serial number and remember the weight.
  3. After that, find options to quote. Nearly all websites of recycling companies will allow you to quote and get to know the price before actually selling your catalytic converter.
  4. Then, you will have to wait for some hours or maybe up to one working day. You will get the answers with some price offers from these companies.
  5. Also, you will be able to choose between different companies and get the maximum possible revenue from your old cat converter.
  6. After that, you will have to learn the rules of shipping. That's all, you can now sell your cat at the best price.

This is the best method to check the prices for your catalytic converter. The more companies you have at the start of your experiment, the more price offers you will get to compare. This will improve your chances of the best price offer.

In the end, this is the only way to sell the cat converter at an actual market price. All other buyers and companies are just resellers and middlemen who want to earn money immediately using your converter. So, you will just lose your money in any other way.

How much is it to replace a converter in your Acura TL?

Replacing a cat is never a cheap thing to do. You will have to choose between aftermarket, OEM, or used original converters. The price for a single cat converter made by Honda is about $1,200 or more. Aftermarket converters will cost you $200-$800 depending on the quality and potential lifespan. But usually, they are not very durable.

We don't recommend buying used catalytic converters because you never know how long they are going to survive.

Also, you will have to pay for labor. We would say, $200-$350 is an optimal price range for replacing an Acura cat converter. No welding is needed - these converters are just bolted. The cat converter in the exhaust manifold should be replaced together with the manifold only.

Final words

If you have a broken catalytic converter from your Acura TL, you can easily sell it online to one of the recycling companies. Just check how much money they can give you for a cat. It's not always a good price, so we recommend experimenting and getting quotes from other companies.

Be careful with scrapyards and private buyers. They don't give you a good price, but they will try to persuade you that the converter doesn't cost a cent more than they offer. Don't lose your money!

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