We Found Best Ways To Clean Car Windows Quickly

Whether it be that you are preparing your car for a special occasion, or you just want to have squeaky clean windows, follow these steps and you are good to go. Long gone are the days of service station window cleaners, and if you want your windows done right, keep on reading.

Tips for quick windows cleaning

  • Keep your wiper blades in good condition
  • Use wet wipes in a hurry
  • Make your cleaning fluid
  • Always have a squeegee in your car
  • Use Coca Cola in an emergency

Keep your window blades in good condition

It makes no sense to clean your car windows if your wiper blades are not up to the task. Even if you do clean your windows correctly, the blades themselves can make them dirty in no time. In order to keep your windows clean, be sure to inspect your wiper blades, and if necessary you should either recondition them or replace them entirely.

Use wet wipes in a hurry

Wet wipes are a true cleaning life-hack no matter if it's your windows or your interior that needs cleaning. Always keep a box of fresh wet wipes in your glove box because they contain many powerful cleaning agents which are more than able to clean both the windows and the rest of the interior.

Home-made cleaning fluid

If you want to get really serious with your window cleaning habits, be sure to check out this homemade windows cleaning mixture. You can use this mixture on both the inside and the outside of your windows. Finding these ingredients should not be a problem as most of them can be found in regular supermarket shops.

Always have a squeegee in your car

A squeegee is a device designed for quick and easy window cleaning, and it's best to always keep one inside your car in case you need to make quick readjustments. A squeegee can be used both for the inside and the outside and is one of the most well-known window cleaning solutions out there.

Use Coca Cola in an emergency

Coca-Cola is a great way to clean smooth surfaces such as car windows because it contains citric acid. The best way to use it is to pour it into a spray bottle and spray it onto the windows. Just be sure to wipe the windows with warm water afterward in order not to leave a sticky surface.


FAQ Section

Can I use paper towels to clean car windows?

You should never use paper towels for car window cleaning because they will stain your windows. If you want to use cloth, opt for microfiber cloth as these are the best when it comes to cleaning car windows.

Can I use regular water to clean my windows?

You should not use regular water to clean either the inside or the outside of your windshield. If you do clean your windows from the interior there is a chance that it will also stain your dashboard if you have a leather or vinyl dashboard.

Can I use bleach to clean my windows?

Bleach can be used for window cleaning, but you should not mix it with any other ingredients. Just be sure not to spray it on anything besides glass if you want to keep your interior in perfect shape.

Can I use alcohol to clean my windows?

Alcohol can be a great way to clean your windows, but make sure you use ethanol as many alcoholic beverages can leave stains on your windows and your interior.

Can I use dish soap to clean my windows?

You can use dish soap and a microfiber cloth to clean your windows. This cleaning technique is great if you just want to get rid of serious dirt and grime. After you use dish soap, be sure to wipe the windows down in order not to leave soap stains on the windows.


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