Big Guy On A Sportster. Which Models Are Best For Big Guys?

Choosing the right motorcycle for you is not easy. You won't want to buy a motorcycle like the one you already have. The second thing is price, if you want to buy the most expensive motorcycle model available, there will be no money left to pay for all the extra services, such as insurance. A cheap motorcycle may be a good choice if you plan to keep it for several years, or if you need a vehicle for a specific purpose, such as touring and commuting. This article will give you suggestions about a "Sportster" style motorcycle suitable for big guys.

  • Some information about Sportster
  • Some outstanding models
  • Which models are best for big guys?

The History of the Sportster series

Beginning in 1957, Harley-Davidson produced a line of Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles. Manufacturers use the designation "XL" for Sportster models to help distinguish them from other models. People say that the XL series is a big change for the company because from 1952-1956 side-valve engines were commonly used for models K, KK, KH, KHK. However, the engine chosen to fit into a Sportster is van overhead because it possesses many advantages that are beneficial for a trending motorcycle.

Some outstanding models

If you are interested and want to own a motorcycle with an elegant style of a gentleman, to walk around the city, traveling to new lands, then the following car models can fully meet those standards.

Iron 883

This is called a machine that shows a youthful, modern, different from the classic, Sportster Iron 883 owns a design that easily impresses many customers.

The length of 2,185mm is relatively compact, 140mm is Ground clearance, especially guys with modest height can still easily control it because the saddle is only 760mm. Although it looks quite neat, it is made of iron and steel to increase its ruggedness, so the vehicle weight is up to 256 kg.

The logo of Harley Davidson is placed in the center position, the most prominent one at the top is probably the round headlight cluster that exudes a classic look.

Iron 883 uses a fairly small gas tank, with a capacity of only about 12 liters, for long-distance journeys, such a capacity will require the owner to refuel many times. It's up to the individual to slightly change the vehicle details to create the feeling that suits you as best as possible.

A point that creates a classic attraction for Iron 883 is the suspension system, wrapped springs combined with front forks.

Although it looks simple, it is very modern, highlighting the traditional beauty of the ability to operate smoothly and gently. Vehicles using Evolution engine, the V-Twin capacity of 883cc. Its difference from other Sportster models is that it is equipped with 9-spoke cast wheels, measuring 16 inches behind and 19 inches in front.

In the last five years, all versions of Iron 883 are equipped with a smart magnetic lock system, combined with a sound anti-theft system to help keep your property absolutely safe.


Similar to Iron 883, the air intake box on the Forty-Eight also has a round shape and black paint. But the Forty-Eight uses aluminum alloy wheels, 9 double wings in black paint, and comes with a pair of front forks that expand to 49 mm, making the motorcycle look more solid.

With the aim of helping customers improve controllability, Harley Davidson has changed a new fork for the Forty-Eight. 1200 cc V-Twin engine, ESPFI port electronic fuel injection technology. This engine gives a maximum torque of 96 Nm.

Which Models Are Best For Big Guys?

Each Sportster motorcycle will present a different style, suitable for a variety of customers but if you are a guy with a large body then the Sportster S will be perfect for you.

In July 2021, Harley Davidson officially launched a sports motorcycle called Sportster S. This will be a new history page because this steed has more power than other models thanks to the Revolution® Max engine block 1250T V-Twin with 121 horsepower. You can rest assured because the chassis is relatively light, stiff, and the high-quality suspension system will help you have sensitive and flexible handling situations. It is both a motorcycle moving on the street and a beast on the road. Exceptional durability and performance make it an affordable choice for your garage.

The engine is designed to separate the fuel tank and the rear frame to create a highlight on the body to help the motorcycle have a strong and aggressive appearance. Inspired by the Harley-Davidson XR750 tracker, the rear end, pair of pipes, and single saddle are thinned. Meanwhile, the front tire is a wide, large version with the purpose of building a high-performance motorcycle image.

The engine block stands out with the Chocolate Satin color layer. Magnesium is the material that makes up the engine cover, the color of each small detail is chosen very carefully, carefully. For the purpose of flaunting the prominence of the engine but still being subtle and seductive.

Equipped with a powerful 1250cc Revolution Max 1250T engine, the Sportster is a formidable competitor to other models. Harley Davidson has used a liquid-cooled version of the V-Twin engine to give the car great torque and stable acceleration. Prioritizing silk to choose light materials to help the motorcycle have an appropriate weight of 228 kg, fuel tank with a capacity of 11.8 liters. Despite being a powerful motorcycle, the sound is very pleasant because the exhaust system is located high.

The technology used is also a plus for the Sportster S, it is incorporating many new and advanced technologies to help you have the best feeling on each different road.

You will be able to choose between 3 rain track modes, road, and sport modes each will give you different parameters to suit your preferences and driving ability.

Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices and helmet headsets, you can easily monitor all vehicle measurements through the 4-inch round TFT display screen. The all-LED lighting system includes Daymaker Signature LED headlights designed for a wide, glare-free light. The oval headlights create a distinctive style.

The Sportster S has been optimized for the frame by removing the traditional side frame to reduce the weight of the motorcycle, so the frame system looks more solid. The rigidity of the motorcycle is shown through the X-shaped chassis.

Besides, on the left-hand side of the motorcycle is a button to adjust the load of the 43mm Showa front fork and the rear fork has a Showa oil tank.

Wheels are made of cast aluminum alloy, 5 beautiful solo spokes, shared with wide Dunlop® / Harley-Davidson® Series GT503 tires. In addition, this Sportster S is also equipped with advanced Brembo brakes for a sense of safety and outstanding performance. Brembo brake shackles with four new pistons at the front, 320mm disc diameter. Brake shackle 02, brake disc diameter 260mm at the rear.

The reason why the Sportster S is best suited for big guys because is that the footrest is designed to lean forward and the handlebars are low to help the boys have an extremely cool driving posture. In addition, it also has an aggressive appearance, suitable for bikers with personalities, like to face challenges and conquer new lands.


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