Chrysler 300 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price – Finding a Better Price Offer

We've seen insane presumptions that a scrap catalytic converter from your Chrysler 300 may cost over $500. We've also seen people being glad that they could sell their cat for $50. Today, we want to tell you how much is a scrap catalytic converter from the Chrysler 300 and where you should sell it to get a good price.

Unfortunately, the majority of Chrysler owners will sell their old broken catalytic converters to middlemen and will not get even half of what they should get. But you shouldn't expect to get really a lot of money. The average price of a Chrysler 300 catalytic converter is about $190-$220 depending on many factors that we'll discuss in the article.

Here's what we'll be talking about:

  1. The location and types of cat converters in the Chrysler 300 model.
  2. How much should a scrap cat from the Chrysler 300 cost?
  3. Precious metals you can get out of the Chrysler cat converter.
  4. Where can you sell an old converter from your Chrysler 300?

Let's get started!

Location and type of converters in a Chrysler 300

Your Chrysler 300 will obviously have a catalytic converter. What's more, all cat converters in the Chrysler 300 have a ceramic honeycomb inside. Some other Chrysler cars have a metal-foil honeycomb which costs significantly less when sold as scrap.

The vehicle has been in production since 2005 and has already changed two generations. But still, the car has been equipped with a limited number of engines, so basically all Chrysler 300 models have the same types of cat converters. The Pentastar and the Hemi engines have basically the same types of cats, but the number of cat converters in different engines may differ.

You should know the following:

  • most systems will have two catalytic converters without pre-cats - just two mid-sized cat converters integrated with the exhaust pipe;
  • these converters may or may not have a small Chrysler logo on them (on the side) and all of them will have the serial number;
  • if you don't see the logo and the number, you can have an aftermarket converter which is not very valuable, or you can have an old rusty cat;
  • check the honeycomb type - usually, all Chrysler cats have a so-called triangle-design honeycomb which differs these cats from any others;
  • also, remember that OEM Chrysler cats are really heavy and don't rattle when you shake them even if they are old and shabby;
  • these cats usually have thick metal on the outside body and they don't rust as badly as some aftermarket cats.

Before you decide to sell your original Chrysler catalytic converter, you should make sure that it's not damaged. Check the honeycomb. This is the element that contains all the precious materials and metals. If it's broken or absent, you will not be able to get a lot of money for your scrap catalytic converter.

If you have an aftermarket cat with no serial number and no logo on it, you can sell it to a local scrapyard for $20 or something like that and just stop reading this article. Everything we say after this paragraph will only be true for OEM Chrysler converters. Unfortunately, aftermarket cats are never expensive because they just don't contain a lot of expensive metals.

Why are OEM Chrysler scrap cats so precious?

Well, Chrysler scrap cats are usually sold for about $200, on average. This means that recycling companies hope to get some really expensive materials out of these converters. And these are platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

The price range for these materials may vary according to the market. But the most expensive metal, rhodium, costs about $600 per single gram. Also, platinum is sold for $35 a gram currently, and palladium can be sold for approximately $75 a gram.

A typical Chrysler 300 catalytic converter will contain around 5 grams of platinum, 4-5 grams of palladium, and also around 1 gram of rhodium. Not all of these metals are possible to take out without loss because the recycling process is extremely complicated. But modern recycling companies cope with this.

So, you may see that an average Chrysler 300 converter contains precious metals for more than $1000. This may make some positive predictions about the price of a scrap converter. But let's investigate the real price.

How much is a scrap cat from your Chrysler 300?

The average price is about $200. Why? Because the recycling process is extremely complicated and expensive. You will need a lot of heat energy to melt these metals and then separate them. Also, recycling companies need to pay for a lot of things like the license, taxes, salaries, rents, etc. So, $200 is not a bad price for a scrap cat, in the end.

But even to get this $200, you will need to find a better way to sell your cat. Not all scrap yards will offer this price.

Here are some examples of bad ways to sell your cat converter:

  • car mechanics - they can offer you a $30 discount for the job to replace your converters if you just give them the old cat, but this is a bad deal;
  • exhaust shops - nearly all of them buy converters, but the price will be around $50 or something like that;
  • private buyers and middlemen - these guys know that you will not sell your converter cheaply, but they aren't ready to pay over $100 for a cat;
  • scrapyards - you will not be able to get more than $50-$70 for a scrap cat converter taken from your Chrysler 300.

Be careful with scrapyards. These are the companies where people in America tend to sell their broken cars and car parts. But it's not always a good decision. Scrapyards don't like paying a lot for cats because they never recycle them, they just resell these converters. So, they will only offer you half of the price or even less.

But of course, you can find a better way to sell your catalytic converter - these are recycling companies.

How to sell a Chrysler 300 cat converter to a recycling company?

It's not hard to sell a catalytic converter directly to a company that recycles these parts. You should find some companies first. We won't give any names and links because you will think this is an advertisement. So, you can google and find some companies that buy broken catalytic converters from cars.

After that, you will need to take pictures of your catalytic converter so that companies could estimate the condition and eventually the price of the converter you have.

Then, the process is the following:

  • you go to websites of all companies that you've found before;
  • you use these websites to send pictures of your cat converter to the companies;
  • you wait until the managers come up with some price offer for your cat;
  • you decide whether these offers are good and actually sell the converter;
  • also, you should think of the best shipping conditions.

A lot of companies will offer free shipping and other small perks that will change the eventual price. After you know all the conditions, it's easier for you to count your final revenue.

Unfortunately, all money you will get after selling your old cat converters will be then spent on new cats and labor. Driving a Chrysler 300 without a catalytic converter is illegal - you will not be able to pass a fog test.

What happens with scrap catalytic converters?

After your Chrysler 300 catalytic converters get to the recycling company, it's taken apart. The scrap metal is then sold to other companies. The ceramic honeycomb is placed into a special furnace or something like that to be heated. When it's heated to some insane temperatures, the precious metals will melt and will be gathered by special equipment.

The process is very expensive and complex, so you can't "recycle" the cat converter in your garage or in your backyard. If you are dreaming of getting those precious metals by yourself and then selling them for $1K, you should know that it's absolutely impossible. Also, you will destroy the cat and will not be able to sell it at a good price after that.

We believe all scrap catalytic converters should go to recycling companies. This is the most eco-friendly way to deal with old parts that can still be sources of rare and expensive materials.

Final words

Chrysler 300 has two catalytic converters that you can sell once they start malfunctioning. You can get about $200 for each of the catalytic converters and then buy new ones. The cats in a Chrysler 300 are not the most expensive and they can't be sold if they are badly damaged. Also, these cat converters should only be original.

Be careful with any alternative ways to sell your cat converters. Only recycling companies are good, in your case. But you may check price offers in any different companies and try to sell your cats at a better price if you find how to do it.

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