Dodge Avenger Catalytic Converter Scrap Price – Chrysler’s OEM Cats

Dodge Avenger is a pretty popular vehicle that was manufactured from 1994 to 2000 and then from 2007 to 2014. Both generations of the vehicle were loved in America and hundreds of thousands of vehicles were sold. This means that now many of the first-gen Avengers are about to go to scrapyards. But there is something you should know about them.

Today, we'll be talking about the scrap price for cat converters in your Dodge Avenger. We'll cover both generations and will recommend how to sell the cats to get more money. The Dodge Avenger actually has quite a big Chrysler catalytic converters in its exhaust system, so these parts can really be sold at good prices.

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Here's what we'll be talking about:

  1. Dodge Avenger catalytic converter types and sizes.
  2. What's the average price for the Dodge Avenger catalytic converter?
  3. How to sell the Avenger cat to get more money for it?
  4. How much is it to replace the Avenger cat converter?

Let's get started!

Dodge Avenger cat converter - what's it like?

The Avenger has a set of Chrysler engines. As you may know, the type of a catalytic converter will depend on what type of engine is installed in your vehicle. So, the first-gen Avenger has two types of engines - a 2-liter 4-cylinder one and also the V6 2.5-liter engine. The second-gen Avenger has a big set of engines including even the legendary 3.6 Pentastar V6 and a diesel engine.

But the types of converters are basically the same in all engines. What will differ is the number of cats installed in each vehicle. For example, V6 engines will usually have three converters in the assembly while the L4 engines will usually have one or two catalytic converters.

Here's what you should know about Avenger converters:

  • they are all Chrysler OEM converters initially, but in older cars, they may have been already replaced with aftermarket cats;
  • these OEM converters made by Chrysler are pretty good in their resale value, so they may be bought at a good price;
  • Chrysler converters contain platinum, palladium, and also a little amount of rhodium making the scrap price quite good;
  • these cats are nearly always protected from damage, so they live long and are in good condition even when they get clogged;
  • the average lifespan of a Dodge Avenger catalytic converter is about 10 years of 100,000 miles, but they can also live longer;
  • nearly all catalytic converters save their ceramic honeycombs even after huge mileage and many years of use.

The most precious part of the catalytic converter is its ceramic honeycomb. It has precious metals in it. Unfortunately, it's hard to check if the metals are still there, so the buyer will always risk when purchasing your Dodge catalytic converter.

But anyway, you can easily find some companies ready to risk. Because if they succeed, they can sell precious metals from a single catalytic converter for more than $1,000, sometimes much more. Interested? Let's see how much you can get!

How much should a Dodge Avenger cat converter cost?

Well, this is the main question of our today's article. And we have two answers: short and long.

The short answer: the Dodge Avenger scrap catalytic converter should cost between $80 and $180 each.

You may ask why the difference is so huge and we also have the answer. First of all, you should know that the price cannot be predicted for a long time. Once we finish writing this article, something may change, so we just can't tell you for sure that half a year after this article is written the price is still the same.

And then, you should remember these factors:

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  • precious metals prices - they tend to change every single day, and sometimes these changes are really dramatic;
  • the condition of the catalytic converter from your Dodge - once it's broken or too rusty, it costs less;
  • the type of engine and the weight of the converter - usually, the serial number is needed to calculate the eventual price;
  • the year of the cat - again, converters in different years could have a different amount of precious metals;
  • the place where you are selling your catalytic converter - it's also an important factor that can change the price.

Well, there is no point in discussing nearly any of these factors but the place for selling the catalytic converter. Why? Because you physically can't change any other factors. You can't control the metal prices, can't change the amount of metals presented in your converter, and you also can't change the engine type in your Dodge Avenger.

So, let's see which company or person is ready to pay more for the catalytic converter from your Avenger. Please bear in mind that you should check all options. Maybe, a year after this article is written some other way of selling cat converters will appear.

How to sell the catalytic converter from your Avenger?

Whatever engine you have in the Avenger, you can sell the catalytic converter. At least, you will get $80 for an OEM part even if it's malfunctioning. But first, you should check whether you have the original cat. Look at its body and try to find the Dodge logo and also the serial number. Found them? You most likely have the OEM converter.

Aftermarket converters are usually lighter and smaller than the OEM ones. They don't contain a lot of metals, so they don't cost much. You can sell one of those converters for $20 to a local scrapyard. But what about the original one?

Here are some options to sell your Avenger cat:

  1. Scrapyards. Probably, this is the first option you will think about. But be careful! Most scrapyards only pay half of what the catalytic converter actually costs. And that's why we don't recommend them.
  2. Exhaust shops and mechanics. Again, this option may be convenient because you don't need to search for any places to sell the cat. But unfortunately, the price is not that good. Actually, it's the worst method according to the prices.
  3. eBay. You can try it, but the problem is that you will have to wait for a long time. The prices are pretty good, though you will have to spend months until you can sell your cat.
  4. Middlemen. Every city and town will have a couple of middlemen ready to pay you cash for a cat converter. Their prices are better than in scrapyards, but still not so good.
  5. Recycling companies. These businesses will pay more for your catalytic converter and you will not have to wait for a long time, so we recommend using exactly this method.

In our opinion, cooperating with recycling companies is the best choice you can make. It offers good money and quick deals. What you need to do is to find several recycling companies and use their websites to quote. You will get their price offers and will be able to choose the best offer.

Also, these companies are official and they have a license to work with metals and recycle automobile parts. This is the legal way to sell your converter and avoid any problems with the environment.

How much is it to replace a catalytic converter in a Dodge Avenger?

The price of replacing a cat converter will also depend on the year and the engine type of your vehicle. In one case, it's just $500 for the whole assembly, and in some other cases prices may be up to $1,500 for one single cat converter.

Labor will not cost that much. Mechanics take $100-$250 for one catalytic converter replacement. It will cost less if you buy just ready-to-install assembly. And it will obviously cost more if you need some welding for cat converter installation.

New catalytic converter prices can be really high depending on what you choose. An aftermarket cat may cost $200 but it will not be a durable and reliable part. A good aftermarket converter will cost at least $400. The OEM cat converter price may go up to $1,200 for one cat.

So, the price may vary depending on many factors. And you should always remember this. If you feel that the cat converter is dying, it's a good reason for selling your Dodge Avenger and getting a new vehicle. Unfortunately, the price of the vehicle is now so low that investing in a good OEM catalytic converter doesn't make much sense.

Final words

Be careful when you need to sell a catalytic converter. Most companies and buyers will want to buy your cat for little money to resell it then and to get the maximum possible revenue. You can sell the catalytic converter by yourself and not lose this money. All you need to do is just to find a recycling company ready to pay more.

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Dodge Avenger catalytic converters are not really expensive. They are just average and maybe sometimes a little above average when it comes to scrap prices. We hope our article helps you understand how to not lose money selling your cat converter.

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