GMC Envoy Catalytic Converter Scrap Price – Will It Cost a Lot?

Sooner or later, a catalytic converter in your GMC Envoy is going to fail. And at this point, you usually have two choices. The first is to leave an old cat converter at the repair shop and the second one is to sell it. And here, many GMC owners will say: oh, it isn't worth it, you will spend a working day and then sell this old converter for a couple of dollars.

Today, we'll be telling you how much you can get for a failed GMC Envoy catalytic converter. And you'll be amazed by the opportunities you have. Unfortunately, not all car owners in the US know that there are different ways to sell an old cat and they usually think that these parts cost just a little money. Well, let's see.

Here's what we are going to talk about:

  1. The GMC cat converter location and type.
  2. What's the price of an old malfunctioning Envoy cat?
  3. Why are recycling companies ready to pay money for a converter?
  4. What are the main ways to sell your cat converter from a GMC Envoy?

Let's get started!

Cat converters in a GMC Envoy - where they are?

GMC made two generations of the Envoy. The model was produced from 1998 to 2009. This was one of the popular SUVs and American loved this car. Unfortunately, even the youngest Envoy is now an old vehicle that usually has high mileage and loads of problems. Including the problem with a catalytic converter.

Usually, Envoy cars live about 120,000 miles. After that, you will have to replace them with a new one (OEM or aftermarket). Otherwise, the clogged converters will make the vehicle work badly, lose power, stall, etc.

Here's what you need to know about the GMC Envoy cat converter:

  • the Envoy had L6, V6, and V8 engines with different kinds of cat converters in each of them;
  • the majority of the Envoys had two converters in the exhaust system that worked separately;
  • the cats are mid-sized, they are just simple and average GM catalytic converters;
  • it's not hard to find OEM or aftermarket replacement units on the market;
  • the OEM cat converters for the Envoy usually last over 100,000 miles which is above average;
  • the converters are integrated with the exhaust pipe and aren't welded into the system.

One more important thing before you decide to sell your catalytic converter is to check whether the cat you have is original. Given this is an old car, a converter may have been replaced long ago. If you have an aftermarket cat, it won't be sold for good money.

Some signs that will help you identify an aftermarket catalytic converter are:

  • welding lines near the cat;
  • small and light converter;
  • the unit rattles when you shake it;
  • the unit is all rusty and has holes in it;
  • the converter doesn't have the GMC logo on it;
  • the converter doesn't have the serial number on it.

These are the main factors that will tell you such a converter should cost about $20 or something like that. You should read further in that case only if you have an OEM catalytic converter.

What's the price of an old OEM cat converter from the Envoy?

The average price for an original catalytic converter from your GMC Envoy is from $130 to $190. We wouldn't sell these cats cheaper than $130, although some companies can actually offer less money. But it's also hard to find a company or a private buyer ready to give more than $190.

We quoted and got price offers from different companies and the average price was lower than $150. But then we also registered the types of companies that offered much less money. And in the final part of this article, we'll tell you more about them.

Of course, there are still some factors that can influence the price:

  1. The engine and model year of your Envoy - one of the most important factors that you should consider.
  2. The origin of the converter - we are talking about OEM converters only.
  3. The prices for platinum, palladium, rhodium, and also for some other materials found in a cat.
  4. The condition of the catalytic converter - it shouldn't be broken and shabby to earn more money for you.
  5. The company you are selling your old Envoy cat to.

Sometimes, people message us and say how much money they could get for a converter. And it's a pity that the majority of Americans just don't know how much their catalytic converters should cost. And if you just open the websites that are supposed to have these prices, they will start tricking and asking for some more details, registering, or whatever.

So, we decided to write this article and we'll also tell you how to sell the old cat and get more money.

How much money can the Envoy cat make to a recycling company?

You may know that recycling a catalytic converter is a hard task. You need to have a license and you also need to have a very expensive set of equipment. Also, you will have to hire people, pay them salaries, pay taxes, etc. So, it's hard to understand how much money a company can earn after it sells all the precious metals it can get out of your converter.

But we know that an average GMC Envoy catalytic converter contains about 7 grams of platinum, 5 grams of palladium, and also up to 2 grams of rhodium. This will make over $1,500 in the end. So, the business is very interesting, we should say. Unfortunately, the average prices for the broken cats aren't even close to that sum.

Where should you sell your GMC Envoy catalytic converter?

You have a couple of options. One of the easiest ways is just to sell your old cat to a mechanic in the repair shop. One of the obvious disadvantages is the price - the mechanic will probably make you just a small discount for this.

Then, you can bring your GMC Envoy cat converter to a local scrapyard. By the way, scrapyards are the most popular places for selling old cat converters among Americans. But you will not get a lot of money. Some scrapyards will offer $50, some other companies will offer $70.

Also, you can find a private buyer or a middleman. These guys will offer even more money than scrapyards. Usually, the average price offer will be around $100. And still, it's not the best option.

We would choose to sell a catalytic converter from a GMC Envoy to a recycling company. You should take picture of your cat, send it to a chosen company (or better to some companies), quote the price, get the price offer, and then choose the best option.

Selling a cat converter to a recycling company is always good because of these reasons:

  • you get the best price offer - up to $190 for a GMC Envoy old cat;
  • your cat converter will be recycled according to the rules and requirements;
  • the company will pay all taxes and other payments which is good for the economy;
  • you will not have to worry about shipping - it's almost always free for you;
  • you get the money easily and you don't have to spend a lot of time.

All the procedures of selling your catalytic converter will take you about 1 or 2 hours. Compare it with the one-day-long trip to a local scrapyard if you want to sell your old GMC converter this way.

When taking pictures of your old cat, don't forget to take a picture proving that the catalytic converter is original. The best way is to picture the cat converter serial number.

Why is stealing a cat converter from GMC a bad idea?

We know that some guys are now reading this article and thinking: wow, I can get almost 200 bucks, so I need to go and steal a converter from my neighbor's GMC Envoy. Well, this is a very bad idea and here's why.

First of all, you will not be able to sell a cat converter to a recycling company because they may want to make sure that this car belongs to you or at least to your company. Without this, they will refuse to send you money. So, you'll probably get $20 from a local scrapyard.

And then, do you really want to risk your freedom for 20 dollars? This is insane. You can be caught easily because cutting out the cat converter from a GMC Envoy is quite a hard thing to do and it's a very noisy task.

Final words

Now you can sort out all the information about how to sell the catalytic converter from your GMC Envoy and you'll know how much money you can get for this. The Envoy cat converter may cost up to $190, so it's worth spending some time and finding a company that will be ready to pay that much for a piece of scrap metal that you actually don't need.

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