How to engine brake with paddle shifters?

Engine braking usually doesn't work well with automatic transmissions. But paddle shifters turn the item into partially manual gearbox, so engine braking becomes possible. And we describe this in oir big article about these shifters.

Again, in different cars you will have different ways to engine brake. You may need this when driving up and down the hills, for example.

The idea is really simple:

  • take your right leg off the acceleration pedal;
  • pull 'minus' paddle shifter to go down 1 gear;
  • once the engine revs are near 2000, pull the 'minus' paddle again;
  • continue doing that using brake pedal when needed.

On CVT transmissions the engine braking mode has to be turned on. For Honda cars, for example, it's turned on by pulling both paddle shifters and holding them for a couple of seconds. The L mode turns on and the car imitates engine braking. To turn the mode off just pull the both levers and hold them again.



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