Hyundai Santa Fe Catalytic Converter Scrap Price – Finding Best Offers

All modern vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters. These parts help reduce the amount of harmful elements in the exhaust. Catalysts are used to make the air cleaner and to minimize the impact that cars make. Of course, cat converters are not some magic sticks, and they can't make a gasoline or diesel vehicle as clean as an EV. But still, our nature still survives thanks to this equipment.

Today, we'll be talking about Hyundai Santa Fe catalytic converters and their scrap prices. How much can you get when you are selling your old cat from a Hyundai? We'll answer this question and also show you how to sell the converter in order to get the maximum amount of money. Also, we'll look at the types of catalytic converters you may have in your Santa Fe.

So, here's what we are going to talk about:

  1. Types and location of the Hyundai Santa Fe catalytic converters.
  2. Why do businesses want to buy cat converters from Hyundai cars?
  3. How much can you get for a catalytic converter from your Santa Fe?
  4. What's the best way to sell the cat converter?

Let's get started!

Hyundai Santa Fe engines and cat converter types

Korean catalytic converters are not always valuable. Some of their pre-cats are hard to sell because they don't contain a lot of precious metals. And still, the Santa Fe usually has decent cat converters due to bigger engines. And that's why these converters are usually pretty good in terms of the scrap price.

The location is the same as in many other SUVs - pre-cats are located in the engine bay, right near the exhaust manifold. While main cats are placed under the vehicle, they are integrated into the exhaust pipe near the muffler.

Here are some things you should know:

  • the Santa Fe has been equipped with numerous types of engines including L4 and V6 units with different displacements;
  • the type of catalytic converter you have in your car will actually depend on the type of the engine;
  • usually, one or two pre-cats are used, and then there is a single main catalytic converter of a big size;
  • the decent scrap price is only possible with the main catalytic converter, but you can still sell pre-cats to recycling companies;
  • not all cat converters will have the serial number on them, so identifying them may be a hard task for you;
  • still, only original (OEM) converters will cost some money and this is a pretty important thing you should consider.

The Santa Fe has been presented on the market for over 22 years now, and it has changed four generations already. Each generation has different engines and different types of cats, but all of them are valuable. We can say that the 2018 generation will probably have a cheaper converter because of some reduction in precious metals used in their production.

Usually, Santa Fe owners want to sell catalytic converters from their SUVs after these parts are clogged or damaged. And usually, it's all about the first two generations of the vehicle. The cat converter in your Hyundai can live more than 120,000 miles or about 10 to 12 years. Sometimes, converters even survive for more years and miles.

Why do people and companies want to buy old converters?

You may wonder why somebody would pay money for these scrap parts that look just like a piece of rusty metal. The secret is inside the cat converter. It's all about the ceramic honeycomb that is placed in the catalytic converter in your vehicle.

This ceramic element contains some alloys with precious metals. Mainly, Hyundai Santa Fe cat converters have platinum, palladium, and also rhodium inside them. You may know that rhodium costs now about $400-500 for 1 gram and its price goes up to $650 per gram sometimes.

So, buyers want to earn money after recycling your catalytic converter. On average, they can earn twice as much as they pay for the cat. Their expenses include energy payments, taxes, salaries, and rent, and they still earn some money. So, how much can they pay for the Hyundai Santa Fe catalytic converter?

What's the scrap price of the Santa Fe cat converter?

Short answer: the scrap price of the catalytic converter from your Hyundai Santa Fe is about $180 to $250 per single main cat. Pre-cats will usually cost up to $60 or $80. This is a good price for a piece of scrap metal, isn't it?

If you now have an old OEM catalytic converter in your hands, the best option for you is to sell it after researching the prices you can get. We recommend researching possible options because it is important to get a decent amount of money.

Here's what can change the price of your Santa Fe catalytic converter:

  • a destroyed cat will probably cost nothing - this is important to remember when trying to sell the converter;
  • also, the time when precious metals cost less than usual is a bad time for selling your cat, prices won't be really good;
  • the type and size of the cat are important, buyers will say their prices after looking at the converter or at least at the picture of it;
  • the availability of cat converters on the market plays its role and can change the potential prices for the old cats;
  • also, the chosen buyer is important - you can get more money just if you follow the advice we are giving in this article.

So, it's hard to sell a catalytic converter at a good price if these factors are not optimal for you. Sometimes, it's worth waiting for a week or for a month until better prices will form on the market for palladium and rhodium. Sometimes, it's worth searching for different buyers.

Actually, choosing a buyer is the only immediate factor that you can control and change in selling the catalytic converter from your Hyundai vehicle. That's why it's important to sell it to a proper company.

How to choose a buyer for your Hyundai Santa Fe cat converter?

You may now be thinking that scrapyards are the only companies that buy out catalytic converters and pay money immediately. But it's not true. There are numerous buyers that can offer even better prices or conditions.

We want to show the most popular buyers of catalytic converters and tell you if it's possible to sell the cat at a better price. We hope, these tips will help you get more money for the cat you are now holding in your hands. But make sure it's an OEM cat, otherwise, these principles won't work.

So, here are the possible buyers for a Santa Fe cat converter:

  • scrapyards - these are the most popular companies among people who want to sell old cats, but they offer about half of the real price;
  • middlemen - these are just private buyers who resell the catalytic converters after they buy them from you;
  • recycling companies - these are the companies that buy out cat converters and then recycle them to get out the precious metals.

In our opinion, recycling companies are now the best option for a person who wants to sell a catalytic converter. To do this, you will need to take pictures of your cat, send them to different companies, and then compare the price offers you will get. This is a simple task and you can easily do it.

If you don't want to spend your time taking pictures and waiting for the answers, you may try middlemen. These guys also offer normal prices (at least, their offers are better than the offers of scrapyards.

Can you sell a Santa Fe converter as a private seller on eBay?

You may have noticed that people often advertise their old catalytic converters on eBay. And yes, you can try to sell your cat there. First of all, middlemen will come and offer their prices for your catalytic converter. And then, you can also sell the converter to another Santa Fe owner who just needs it to pass a fog test.

But selling on eBay has a couple of disadvantages: you need to spend time advertising your catalytic converter for sale. And you also need to wait for a long time to find a buyer. But sometimes, this is the best way to sell a Santa Fe catalytic converter and get the best price.

We still recommend checking the price offers of recycling companies. You will even have the pictures ready if you are going to use eBay, so you don't lose anything if you try.

Final words

If you have an old catalytic converter from the Hyundai Santa Fe in your hands, you may get some money for this thing. Sometimes, the offered prices may go up to $250 or even more depending on many factors. You may try to get the price offers from different people and companies to choose the best one.

Remember that everything we've been just talking about is only true for OEM catalytic converters made by Hyundai.

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