Top 8 Fuel-Efficient Tires: Buyer's Guide!

A Walk through the Best Low Rolling Resistance Tires that help save you fuel.

With the rapid depletion of available oil resources and concerns related to the environment- eco-friendly tires or green tires are good Upgrade options for your car. Also known as eco tires, or low rolling-resistance tires- these fuel efficient tires help to reduce your carbon footprint. The eco-tires are getting increasingly popular among all car enthusiasts and categories- be it a typical IC åengine vehicle, EV or hybrid. The primary reasons for the rapid rise in their popularity include the increased mileage of the cars, combined with the conscientious Green Narrative.

With increased awareness about the hazardous side-effects of fuel and the exhausts in the environment- there has been a growing trend among car owners to tune their cars for enhanced mileage and lower fuel consumption. The tuning also constitutes body enhancements for better aerodynamics. Removal of excess weight and baggage results in the car performing better. Replacing the tires with the best fuel efficient tires is the final step of the tuning process.

Recent developments have brought out a lot of the most fuel efficient tires in the market for use by regular users.  While each of the best rolling resistance tires claims to reduce fuel wastage to the maximum-it is natural that the products of some brands are better than the others. The following are the best tires for mileage when it comes to the best low rolling resistance tires.

Fuel efficient tires can help you worry less about car maintenance 

What are the top Fuel Efficient Tires that You Can Buy?

We know how difficult it can be choosing the right tire for your business. Don’t worry - we can make it easy. Here are some of the top choices you can take a look at.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422 Plus

One of the quietest fuel-saving tires on the list, this one has been designed to help the drivers squeeze out more miles from the fuel tanks. Available in a large number of convenient sizes for the purpose of fitting in multiple cars and vans, the Ecopia’s claim for fuel economy has been verified inside the laboratories using the in-lab rolling resistance testing.

The company also offers a warranty on these eco-friendly tires. You don’t have to worry about them for as many as 65,000 miles.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S All Season

It is probably one of the best low rolling resistance tires out there today.

Michelin was one of the pioneers in the production of low resistance tires and their patented technology is still miles ahead of the competition. The fuel-saving tires allow superior energy-saving- without comprising even a tiny bit on the performance section. Several series of tests have led to the further development of the Michelin tires and together with Bridgestone, they are at the top of the Best Energy-saving tires segment. The tires are available in various sizes- meant for sedans, crossovers or hybrids. While the pricing of the tires may seem a bit high- you get what you pay for and much much more.

The choice when it comes to a good fuel efficient tire rests on how everything from brand name to durability.


Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

Continental came with its own version of the best tire for fuel economy with the CrossContact series. The LX 20 is primarily engineered for SUVs, light trucks and crossovers. SUVs and crossovers are considered as poor choices for energy efficiency and mileage. They are designed while keeping power and performance as the primary things in mind.

The best part about the CrossContact LX20 Ecoplus tires is that while increasing the energy efficiency of your SUV, it will also provide excellent traction on the road. It has an excellent steering response- largely due to its continuous center ribs. Other added benefits include straight-line stability and improved wet traction due to the four circumferential grooves. While it is not very good in the 3D snow traction with all its Traction Grooves- it is still a solid choice for your SUV- with the legendary Continental stamp of durability making the LX 20 with Ecoplus a solid choice as one of the best low rolling resistance tires.

Nokian eNTYRE 2.0

The Finnish company Nokian Tyres achieves one of the rare feats in the tire making industry- making a completely eco-friendly production process for the manufacture of energy and fuel efficient tires- available in the market under the flagship name of eNTYRE 2.0. No toxic or carcinogenic chemicals are also involved in the production process- talk about embracing the green philosophy in a wholesome manner. 

The eNTYRE2.0 has been designed for the roads and conditions of North America. A variety of sizes are available depending upon the wheel radius and spoke designs. The company makes these tires using the proprietary High Modulus Tread Compund- and some tires are sometimes V-rated - mentioning the speed levels for its optimum performance.

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

The Italian tire manufacturer released the P4  Four Seasons plus in the Fuel Saving Tiers segment. It has become a huge favorite among car enthusiasts- notably for budget pricing and good performances. It is one of the most affordable tires in its segment and, combined with superior road grip and traction make it popular.

The P4 is filled with a silica-rich tread compound along with several design innovations. The innovations assist in the all-weather traction. Symmetry in its treads are done through Computer-Aided Design and Drawing. In addition to all of this, the Pirelli P4 is quiet, really shining in wet tractions and combined with a treadwear warranty off  9000/0/km- they are a wise choice.

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is prepared by using low resistance tread compounds suitable for all seasons. There are 4 distinctive zones, with strong shoulder blocks which result in increased stability. The eco-friendly tires are thus great for being stable at high speeds- making them perfect for the highways.

The Assurance Fuel Max consists of a Wet Tread Zone- which consists of Dual Aquachannel grooves. In wet road conditions, these tires are excellent additions for cars that can achieve high velocities. The tires can go past light snow. However, it would be foolish to expect heavy duty from them. One of the other slight disadvantages of the Goodyear tires is that they are noisy and the scale for the comfort distribution is tipped towards the driver. 

That should not deter you from purchasing the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max considering its tremendous performance benefits- making it one of the best energy saving tires.

Toyo Versado Eco

The Toyo Versado Eco ranks high in the low rolling resistance tires list. An excellent overall choice for both manual and hybrid, crossover transmission cover. The tractions provide excellent gripping conditions for the road- resulting in a smoother and better journey in both dry and wet conditions. The treads are molded in a way to prevent irregular wear and allow for faster water evacuation. These result in long life of the tires. There is also a highly noticeable development in the amount of fuel saved.

The biggest plus point for Toyo Versado is probably it’s pricing. It is relatively a lot cheaper than the premium LRR tires from different manufacturer brands. The Versado Eco also has its tread compound materials derived from nature- meaning lower potential risk and damage to the environment.

Dunlop EnaSave 01 A/S

High mpg Tires for electric vehicles.

Recent developments in the automobile industry have seen rapid developments in the electric transmission sector- largely led by Tesla Motors. While the Teslas can be considered as the Lamborghinis of the electric cars, chances are more likely that you will be purchasing cheaper affordable ones. The Dunlop EnsSAve is one of the best energy saving tires available for electric vehicles and that too at a relatively cheap price. It has been used as Original parts in the production assembly of popular electric cars such as Mitsubishi.

The EnaSave promises to boost up your electric vehicle by 5-10 miles. It also provides excellent stability and maneuverability- with independent tread and shoulder blocks and dual grooves. Winter driving is also made easy with sipes for extra edges. The tires are also extremely quiet.

The only down point of these tires may be the fact there are not a large number of tire sizes available in the market. It is advised to check out the availability of a specific size from their website before going to purchase.

FAQs about Green Car Tires:

Wondering what you should know about the best low rolling resistance tires? Here is a look.

- Which tire is cheaper? Conventional tires or Eco-Friendly Tires?

It is possible that there will be a lot of cheaper options available. It will be evident once you go out for tire shopping. The savings that occur are based on the long term savings in your fuel bill. The higher pricing of these tires may be attributed to extra Research and Development.

- Should I change 2 tires or 4 at once?

It is essential to know the exact size of your car tires prior to purchase. If unknown, it is better to consult with a professional regarding this matter. Buying 4 tires at once- though expensive is better. The tires then will be having the same wear/tear instead of just two front/back.

- Will there be an issue if the prescribed tire pressure is exceeded?

It is suggested to follow the tire pressure prescribed by the manufacturer. The fuel efficiency of high mileage tires can be increased further by increasing the pressure a tiny little bit (35 psi to 40 psi can result in 5% better fuel savings). The ride quality, however, gets hampered, as traction will be reduced.

- Are these Tires Safe?

Low Resistance Tires are completely safe- as are the tires from a premium manufacturer. However, they are not better performance-wise from normal high-performance tires. For a normal driver- the difference will not matter much.


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