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Type of Antifreeze for Mazda Eunos. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
2.0 KF1 1995 Red 7.5 liters
1994 Red 7.5 liters
1993 Red 7.5 liters
1992 Red 7.5 liters
2.3 KJ-ZEM 1997 Red 7.5 liters
1996 Red 7.5 liters
1995 Red 7.5 liters
2.5 KL 1997 Red 7.5 liters

In 1995 the company produced vehicles with 2.3 engine having code of KJ-ZEM. It’s important to use 7.5 liters of coolant which has Red color. You should be careful at choosing liquids for Mazda especially for vehicles having 2.0 motor. For 1994 Eunos engine it’s necessary to get normal temperature balance. Only exact type of antifreeze will suit Mazda Eunos cooling system.

  • Earlier the color of antifreeze was important for 1994 Mazda Eunos drivers to predict structure.

  • It’s really just a dye, and your concern for 2.0 engine is to pour in cooling system about 7.5 liters of fluid.

  • Red coolant which is now recommended for KF1 code of motor meant a lot of toxic ethylene glycol.

So better use Mazda’s advice for servicing 1997 Eunos. If you choose other than Red coolant or use less than 7.5 liters, you can’t expect normal work. There is an important thing for KJ-ZEM engines of Mazda’s production – they expect good service. Providing you keep the rules 2.3 motor installed in Eunos of 1997 year will be long lasting.

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