Last Update: May. 28, 2017, 5:18 a.m.
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Type of Antifreeze for Mazda MPV. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
2.0 RF5C 2005 Red 8.6 liters
2004 Red 8.6 liters
2003 Red 8.6 liters
FS 2002 Red 11.2 liters
2001 Red 11.2 liters
2000 Red 11.2 liters
1999 Red 11.2 liters
2.3 L3 2005 Red 8.8 liters
2004 Red 8.8 liters
2003 Red 8.8 liters

Don’t underestimate the importance of Mazda’s 2.3 engine cooling system. There is no chance 2004 MPV engine will work efficiently with bad cooling. It’s better to choose fluid in combination of 2005 year, 2.0 volume of motor and engine code of RF5C. There are some conditions in servicing cooling module at Mazda MPV. To maintain cooling system you need 11.2 liters of Red coolant.

  • Earlier the color of antifreeze was important for 2003 Mazda MPV drivers to predict structure.

  • Red coolant which is now recommended for FS code of motor meant a lot of toxic ethylene glycol.

  • So, it’s a dye stuff, and the one important thing for 2.0 motors is to keep the amount of liquid at 11.2 liters.

So, don’t choose different from Red coolant and obey the number of 11.2 liters. Produced in 1999 the 2.0 engine in MPV model will serve longer by this. Every Mazda owner should remember that engines with code FS are quite demanding. Look at Mazda’s requirements and make your 2004 MPV serve longer and with no problem.

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