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Ford Expedition Engine Displacement

Expedition SUV

Exterior Modification Size

1998 - 2001

Eddie Bauer 5403 cc
XLT 4601 cc

It helps keep Ford Expedition going quite well. The popularity of the Ford’s engine in the world for Expedition is proving its quality. The size of the engine in Expedition plays a major role for driving Ford. You can still find some bad reviews of the Expedition owners about the engine with size 4601 cc. There were produced lots of XLT cars with motor size 4601 cc by Ford.

  • If your Ford Expedition has the engine at size 5403 cc, it’s quite powerful and reliable.

  • These engines in Ford production are installed in lots of similar to XLT cars.

You can get both pluses and minuses of Ford XLT with this motor. When purchasing parts make sure you know your Expedition and the size of engine at 5403 cc. In Ford’s words you won’t get any problems with the motor sized 4601 cc.

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