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Ford Taurus Engine Displacement

Taurus Sedan

Exterior Modification Size

1994 - 1998

GL 2966 cc
LX 2966 cc

Taurus Wagon

Exterior Modification Size

1996 - 1998

GL 2966 cc
LX 2966 cc

There are more positive opinions of the drivers of Taurus than negative reviews about this Fordengine. Lots of Ford owners believe, the bigger the engine in Taurus, the more satisfaction you get from a car. It’s important that the motor with size 2966 cc is quite reliable and relatively cheap in repair for GL. It helps keep Ford Taurus going quite well. During the production Ford used engine of 2966 cc for LX.

  • The size of engine at 2966 cc is quite popular for Ford owners.

  • The reason for purchasing is money saving with GL and great output at the same time.

  • During city driving GL is economic and quite active.

  • It’s safe and fast to overtake on Taurus on highways with 2966 cc motor.

The size of 2966 cc is constructed by Ford and proves to be efficient in use. This kind of motor can show good and bad sides in Ford GL. When purchasing parts make sure you know your Taurus and the size of engine at 2966 cc.

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