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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Honda Insight. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
1.3 LDA3 2013 Synthetic 5w30 3.6
2012 Synthetic 5w30 3.6
2011 Synthetic 5w30 3.6
2010 Synthetic 5w30 3.6
2009 Synthetic 5w30 3.6
2008 Synthetic 5w30

Having model code LDA3 this engine should be filled up with Synthetic 5w30 type of oil. You should use 3.6 liters of motor oil for Insight service. One of the popular Honda’s engine in 2013 was 1.3 motor. Honda Insight really needs high quality motor oil. Choosing normal Synthetic 5w30 oil for Insight 1.3 engine you ensure its long lasting work.

  • And you can save with buying only 3.6 of oil for every service in 2012 year models.

  • And still keep up to recommendation of Synthetic 5w30 oil, new motors LDA3 are quite demanding.

  • Classical technologies of 2011 are used in Honda’s engine with 1.3 L of volume.

  • It’s time to give good service and pour only Synthetic 5w30 oil to motors with code LDA3.

  • Regular service of small volume 1.3 engine made by Honda won’t be a problem for you.

  • Not a big volume of LDA3 motor helps it serve longer in Honda Insight.

  • But you still better use recommended Synthetic 5w30 oil for it.

  • High technological 1.3 engine of Honda is a great choice among 2012 year cars.

  • By the time of 100 000 mileage Honda Insight may though start taking more than 3.6 liters of oil.

In all situations 2011 Honda Insight should get exact and quality service. Good quality Synthetic 5w30 oil in amount of 3.6 liters will save your engine. You can easily endure life of 1.3 motor produced by Honda just giving it proper service.

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