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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Honda Odyssey. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
2.2 F22B 1997 Synthetic 5w30 3.8
1996 Synthetic 5w30 3.8
1995 Synthetic 5w30 3.8
1994 Synthetic 5w30 3.8
2.3 2003 Semi Synthetic 10w40
2002 Semi Synthetic 10w40
1997 Semi Synthetic 10w40
F23A 2001 Synthetic 5w30 4.3
2000 Synthetic 5w30 4.3
1999 Synthetic 5w30 4.3
1998 Synthetic 5w30 4.3

One of the popular Honda’s engines had volume at 2.2 and was widely used in 1995. During regular service of Odyssey take 3.8 liters of engine oil. It has model code F23A and is prepared to work with Synthetic 5w30 type of oil. Use normal quality products to oil Honda Odyssey motor. Choosing normal Synthetic 5w30 oil for Odyssey 2.3 engine you ensure its long lasting work.

  • The 2.2 engine in Honda’s build is quite fastidious about service.

  • Old engines like 2.2 motor produced by Honda in 1997 need high quality service, too.

  • Relatively big volume engine with 2.3 L in Honda cars seem to be all consuming.

  • You only need to use Synthetic 5w30 oil and give exact amount of 3.8 liters.

  • Motors F22B in Honda’s production made in 1994 push model quite efficiently but may consume lots of petrol.

  • Better don’t try other variants than Synthetic 5w30 for engine F22B.

  • There is quite a big plus of motors F22B of 1995 – they give Honda Odyssey dynamic and economical ride.

  • If 3.8 liters of oil isn’t enough and you need to add it, drive your Honda Odyssey to troubleshooting.

  • But make sure you pour Synthetic 5w30 keeping its amount at 3.8 liters.

With good technical work your Honda with 2.3 motor will be really everlasting. Any technical work with 1994 Honda Odyssey must be completed well. You buy 3.8 liters of Synthetic 5w30 motor oil and endure you vehicle life for a year.

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