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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Honda Civic. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
1.4 D14A1 1991 Mineral 15w40 3.5
1990 Mineral 15w40 3.5
1989 Mineral 15w40 3.5
1988 Mineral 15w40 3.5
1.5 D15B2 1992 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1991 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1990 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1989 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1988 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
EW 1987 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1986 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1985 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
EW3 1984 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.5
1984 Mineral 10w40
1.6 D16Y2 1998 Synthetic 5w30 3.3
1997 Synthetic 5w30 3.3
D16Z9 1996 Semi Synthetic 10w40 3.3
1995 Semi Synthetic 10w40 3.3
1994 Semi Synthetic 10w40 3.3
D16Z6 1993 Semi Synthetic 10w40 3.3
1992 Semi Synthetic 10w40 3.3
D16A8 1991 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.8
1990 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.8
1989 Semi Synthetic 15w40 3.8
ZC1 1988 Mineral 10w40 4
1987 Mineral 10w40 4
1986 Mineral 10w40 4
1988 Mineral 10w40

If you want 1.4 motor in Civic to serve you longer, purchase Mineral 15w40 oil only. Having model code D15B2 this engine should be filled up with Semi Synthetic 15w40 type of oil. Honda Civic really needs high quality motor oil. The Civic housing is ready to take 3.5 liters of oil. Lots of Honda vehicles produced in 1984 had 1.5 motor under the hood.

  • Don’t add less or more than 3.3 liters of Semi Synthetic 10w40 oil only.

  • There is quite a big plus of motors D16A8 of 1991 – they give Honda Civic dynamic and economical ride.

  • And you can save with buying only 3.5 of oil for every service in 1991 year models.

  • You might also note that 1.6 engine of Honda is quite old – it’s year of origin is 1986.

  • If you own Honda with motor 1.6, you probably noticed its temper.

  • If 3.8 liters of oil isn’t enough and you need to add it, drive your Honda Civic to troubleshooting.

  • You can see that Honda Civic engines which have code D15B2 are quite durable with their small volume.

  • So make sure you buy good Semi Synthetic 15w40 oil for motor with code D16A8.

  • Though it doesn’t change the need to buy Semi Synthetic 15w40 type of oil for motor.

  • The 1.4 engine of Honda’s production isn’t very particular in choosing oil.

It’s very important that 1985 Honda Civic receives great level of regular service. Good quality Semi Synthetic 15w40 oil in amount of 3.5 liters will save your engine. Don’t miss what your 1.6 engine really needs and save your Honda in good condition be servicing it.

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