BCI Malfunction Nissan Armada – Can You Deal with It?

BCI in your Nissan Armada stands for Back-up Collision Intervention. It's the system that helps the vehicle automatically control the road with sonars and decide whether there is a risk of collision or not. If there is a risk of collision, the system may apply brakes and also send you a warning signal on the dashboard. You will have some time to react and prevent a collision.

If your Nissan drives at a small speed, it can prevent collision without any actions on your side. The system will apply brakes and stop the car to avoid a collision. But BCI malfunctions are extremely common. Unfortunately, this system is not extremely reliable.

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How does the BCI system malfunction in your Nissan Armada?

By the way, the same problem can happen with other Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. But somehow, we've seen Armada owners complaining about it. So, how can you understand that the BCI starts causing problems?

It's hard to overlook the moment when it starts getting on your nerves because the next sequence of things can happen:

  • your Nissan Armada sends you a message saying "BCI malfunction";
  • the dashboard goes crazy, all lights are flashing;
  • the car applies brakes even though your foot is off the brake pedal;
  • the glitching dashboard makes you stop hoping that the car didn't die;
  • you have to turn off the engine and you are probably afraid.

If it has already happened to you, you will not forget this. Unfortunately, many Nissan Armada owners have dealt with such situations and they report some dangerous cases when they nearly had accidents because of these glitches.

Even if you turn off the BCI system, these messages can still come up and scare you. But what is actually the reason for such problems?

Finding the reason for BCI malfunction

Well, dealers don't say much about these problems in the latest Armada generation. Some dealers answer that this is the fault of the driver. For example, one of the Nissan dealers said that this problem may have occurred when a person didn't use the turn signal when turning. But it's ridiculous and we won't believe in that.

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There is no recall campaign or whatever, so you will have to deal with the situation by yourself. Even the warranty won't help much because after you restart your engine, the fault codes aren't saved in the ECU.

So, no one can say for sure what causes this problem. We can think of two possible reasons: the problem with sensors and sonars, and also the problems with the control system. Actually, we are pretty sure that the manufacturer made some mistake in coding or assembling these cars. But up until now, there aren't so many cases of BCI malfunction in Nissan Armada cars, so there is no recall or something.

What should you do if the BCI is malfunctioning?

There is nothing much you can do right at that moment. We don't recommend driving the vehicle further without paying attention to what's happening.

It's not only about all those crazy lights on the dash, it's about brakes that can apply unintentionally, out of your control. This may easily lead to a collision. And the system that is aimed to prevent a collision, will create a collision.

Here are some things you should do:

  • find the nearest safe place where you can stop your car;
  • if you are on the highway, slow down and get to the right side of the road, then find a place where you can stop;
  • turn off the engine - this will reset the BCI system;
  • wait for one minute until the system comes to default settings;
  • start the engine and see if everything is OK;
  • keep an eye on different fault codes and problems;
  • go to your dealer and explain the situation.

You shouldn't worry much. This problem doesn't occur very often. We've asked Nissan Armada owners and they said that they had never seen this problem. Only some of them said that had had the BCI malfunction one time. No one reported about two times.

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Final words

We love the Nissan Armada, this is a wonderful model that can tow trailers and take some weight. It's actually a very practical and reliable vehicle with a good engine and durable transmission. But electronics has never been the strong side of Nissan. And in the new Armada, they have these annoying BCI malfunctions. It's good that it's not a massive problem that can repeat several times. At least, that's what we know about the BCI malfunction problem.

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