Firestone FR710 Tires – My Review and Recommendations

When choosing new tires for s passenger car, a lot of owners go to quite expensive variants. Everyone now understands that the road safety is your life. It's not only about safety but also about confidence of driving. Today there are plenty of models of really wonderful tires which can become a good purchase. But now we'll speak about one model only.

This is Firestone FR710 Tires which seem to be optimal in their price range. I would suggest you'll be really surprised once you'll have these tires adjusted to the wheels of your vehicle. It's produced specially for passenger cars and the product makes it better to drive at any season of the year. All-season tires are made to save up your money and garage space.

The Firestone isn't very well-known brand of car accessories. Though, this decision is quite interesting in all ways. It provides wonderful options in specs of the products. Of course, I wouldn't make the whole article for just one model of tires if I didn't see any reasons of that. And now I want to present some really wonderful features of the product.

What are the actual pluses of Firestone FR710 for you?

Well, you get the tires which can be freely used at any season. This is not only advertising feature of the product. I personally tried the car shoes on the snowy surface and I wouldn't say they are much worse than twice more expensive specially made winter products. And also I should note that the comfort on Firestone appears to be wonderful in summer and really great in winter. You get the tires with all needed characteristics. The most prominent pluses of the product are as follows:

  • really deep shoulder slots which provide car stability in the turns - they work wonderfully and achieve great success;
  • flow-through grooves are absolutely deep and they work hard to make your comfort really great, they ensure stable driving;
  • continuous ribs on shoulder zone achieve great durability and make the tire work longer for you with whole efficiency;
  • the footprint is really wide and that enlarges comfort for car owner and all passengers - it's the most prominent feature;
  • quiet drive is also a great option - there are no additional noises from the wheels and there aren't any bad driving options.

Any kind of tires I've used in my life had some troubles. In one variant it's bad comfort, in the other - poor options of winter efficiency. There aren't idyllic products which can give you 100% of effective work. But once I tried Firestone options and after that all my passenger cars have used exactly this kind of tires. I really see these pluses as comfort options and not advertising facts at all. So, let's move on and see how they really work.

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Are there any minuses in the Firestone FR710?

The model of car shoes shows great effective usage in any conditions, so personally I don't see troubles and minuses. Especially, if we look at the price and competitors' price propositions. But some buyers still say that there are lots of problems in the product. First thing they mention is durability. If your Firestone tire is dead sooner than in 65?000 miles or 5 years, it was fake or you can go and take the warranty advantages.

Also there are some troubles with size choosing. This is really so. You sometimes can't find the needed size and specs for your car. With this minus I can't do anything and just say that the existing sizes work really great. If you don't have the special size of FR710 for your vehicle, then check other reviews of optimal passenger cars' tire options.

Also you have to bear in mind that not every size of tires is produced in the US. It's mainly manufactured in Indonesia, Mexico and Costa Rica. Only some models are produced in the USA. It can be a real minus but you have to look at warranty and quality rather than at place of origin. Make sure you buy the high quality product - and today it doesn't usually depend on the place of production.

What is the range of using the Firestone FR710?

You can install your new tires on any kind of vehicles for passengers. It's not the reason to buy it for commercial usage - make sure you obey this only rule of the producer. Actually, I would install the M+S tires on big cars only. For an A-class hatchback you might get special winter tires and ensure more possible variants of safety. But actually you can really achieve wonderful options for such types of vehicles:

  • sedans of any sizes and models;
  • hatchbacks with sport and family type of using;
  • universal cars with quite huge loads and big weight;
  • crossovers and SUVs with city and highway driving;
  • pickups with small scales which aren't used out of the road.

As you see, there are no troubles in using the thing for every kind of vehicle at all. But anyway I propose you to look better at the FR710 before putting it to small cars. Buy it better for big and highly loaded vehicles which have got quite big weight. In this case all season M+S idea will really work efficiently and won't cause troubles.

Are there any good competitors of Firestone tires?

It actually depends on the idea of purchase. You can say that there are loads of products in the market. But on the other hand, you can't find a good option for just a couple of dollars. The cheaper the tires are, the less comfort they usually bring. And that's real reason why I really appreciate the Firestone options so much. You can find needed comfort and confident driving on any road in any temperatures. But anyway, let's also look at some competitors:

  1. Bridgestone Blizzak - wonderful series which is aimed at high price level buyers. This one appears to be really effective and up-to-date, but it'll cost you nearly twice more than Firestone proposition. So, it's not always great to pay so huge amount of money.
  2. Hankook Optimo All-Season - one more interesting variant of wonderful Korean tires with not sky-high price. It's in the same price range as our today's hero and it shows nearly the same options as FR710. But Korean quality doesn't sound really cool.
  3. Westlake Touring - this kind of tires is aimed at passenger cars owners. It shows great effectiveness in all ways of using and appears to be really good in price. But comparing it to the FR710 series, I would still choose the last option.
  4. Toyo Extensa - great Japanese option which is really produced in Japan and has a lot of wonderful options. I would still buy Firestone because Toyo is usually very loud option. It provides a lot of unnecessary sound while driving.
  5. Kumho Sense - again Korean product which seems to bee very good in all sides. I wouldn't say that it's much worse than Firestone product and it's in the same price category. So, you might be interested in this option also.

As you see, there are a lot of products to speak about and to compare with other possibilities. Whatever model you choose, you won't regret the quality. I don't propose you to estimate the Chinese or some European options which are too expensive or very low quality. US produced tires are really seldom to meet in the market, and FR710 is still produced in America in some sizes. Though, even Costa Rica produced options are of great quality.

So, should I pay my money for Firestone tires?

It's a great question which no one can answer but you. Among today's impossible assortment it's getting harder and harder to choose something special. You can go for cheap options or find better quality products with middle price. If you have some money to spend, choose elite tires of well-known American producers. Japanese brands are also not bad in this category of car accessories.

I would still recommend you to estimate Firestone FR710 while choosing new tires for your car. You can achieve needed quality of driving, get really wonderful safety and confidence in conquering any road in the US and outside the country. It suits most cars and provides great possibilities to drive with no troubles. But anyway, I can't say you for sure that buying exactly this brand of tires is the best idea.

Also I propose you to watch the video with description of Firestone FR710 tire model:

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