Worst Cars for Men of All Time

As a rule, men do not always succeed to find a dependable and qualitative car. Unfortunately, there are many and we created list of ten the worst Autos for men in history. This list includes cars with low quality assembly, ugly design, impractical interior, with a lack of power, bad maneuverability and properly equipped operating systems. In this review we consider 8 criteria: Brand, Body type, Design, Economy, Ecology, Price, Reliability, Repair costs



1) Jeep Compass 2007.

Famous manufacturer of SUVs in the United States was in the list of the worst cars. For every 100 thousand cars produced by the company responded 69.5 complaints from owners. According to the Americans, Jeep Compass is very similar to the SUV Dodge Caliber and they just renamed it to Jeep. The car has hideous design, low-quality interior materials. It should be noted that the Jeep Compass is the second year takes the leading place in the list of the worst cars.

2) Chrysler Sebring 2007

With the increasing accidents and breakdowns on the road, Americans prefer safer cars, but this car is anything but safe, because in 2007 it withdrew six times from drivers due to a failure of airbags, faulty bonnet catch, and also had problems cooling the engine and the fuel supply.

3) Chevrolet Aveo

Concept of car was ideal for US consumer - spacious interior, available and not expensive. But the most important drawbacks: poor sound insulation, as well as lack of power, because of the weak engine.

4) Hummer H2

This SUV has brought great losses for General Motors. The reason for this was the low demand for the car, at the end of it fell by nearly 25% in late 2004. Americans stopped buying huge, energy-intensive type cars like Hummer. Instead, they prefer a more practical and economical cars. The design of the car is disgusting it looks like a harvester, sluggish and cramped inside. Conclusion can be drawn one - size matters.

5) Subaru B9 Tribeca

Pretty decent car, which was created specifically for the American market.
Spacious inside, quite powerful, and the most importantly - the right price. But the design of the front part of the Japanese car did not hit the U.S. market. Awkward lights that seem to be stuck at the last moment of production. Subaru clearly too clever design of the vehicle’s front.

6) Chrysler Aspen 2007

Again, vehicle of the American company Chrysler «lit up" in the list of the worst. Aspen  differs markedly its cumbersome and primitiveness. Also car is slow uneconomical due to the voracious engine and not worth the money for which it is being bought. Car design is outdated.

7) Saturn Ion.

Another GM production car entered the list of the worst. Saturn Ion was uncomfortable, noisy, interior was poor, unreliable plastic panels. In addition, this car was hard to steer. In the end, the demand for Saturn Ion has fallen dramatically and the company ceased production of the car in 2009.

8) Renault Avantime 2001

This vehicle is quite heavy. This car is good to ride, speak of him as buyers. Model has too bold design of and it scared people. In addition, too high price was the reason for the long car sales. It could buy only people with good earnings, but this kind of people prefer luxury cars. Total 4,500 Renault Avantime cars were sold within 2 years.

9) Suzuki’s Kizashi

According to the company, Suzuki’s sedan Kizashi has become one of the most "unlucky "sedans in the company's history”.

The car was released to the market as a rival Toyota Camry. The company suffered huge losses. As the company claims, the reason for this failure is the appearance of this sedan on the market during the crisis in 2009, which affected the low demand for the car. Let me remind you that the Suzuki Kizashi was recognized as the largest sedan in the history of the brand.

10) Closes chain Dodge Nitro.

Maneuverable crossover with awful design, and daunting front. Americans believe that this car is like a locomotive or wardrobe. Uncomfortable and simple interior. Also excessive and uncomfortable seats make the car in the list of the worst.

The list summarizes several factors, other list turns if we consider only one criterion. For example:

The worst car sales in 2013


Sold, pcs


1. Acura ZDX


$50 920

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback


$18 595

3. Mitsubishi i-MiEV


$22 995

4. Nissan GT-R


$99 590

5. Jaguar XK


$79 000

6. Volvo C30


$25 500

7. Subaru Tribeca


$34 095

8. Volkswagen Golf R


$34 195

9. Volvo S80


$39 900

10. Cadillac Escalade EXT


$63 060


The worst used cars in 2013

Vehicle model

1.BMW X5

2. BMW 7 series

3. Chevrolet PT Cruiser

4. Chrysler Uplander

5. Chrysler Town & Country

6. Dodge Grand Caravan

7. DodgeCaravan

8. Dodge Ram 2500

9. Dodge Journey

10. Ford F-250

And finally, 49% of U.S. residents believe that American cars best in the world, 30% expressed a preference for Japanese cars, 11% German, 2% - Swedish. 10 the most unreliable brands in 2013: 1.Chrysler, 2.Cadillac, 3.Dodge, 4.Jeep, 5.Saturn, 6.GMC, 7.Mini, 8.BMW, 9.Chevrolet, 10.Audi.

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