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Recommended Type of Brake Liquid for Dodge Avenger. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which Use How much
2.4 EDG 2010 DOT 4 Hydraulic brake system
2009 DOT 4 Hydraulic brake system
2008 DOT 4 Hydraulic brake system

If you possess vehicle with EDG engine and volume of 2.4, choose appropriate brake liquid. Optimal service for brake system is important not only for Dodge Avenger of 2010 year, but for every vehicle. There is not a big choice, but still buy DOT 4 fluid for Hydraulic brake system. Don’t forget to check 2009 Avenger brake shoes and diagnose Hydraulic brake system.

  • In 2.4 motor cars the liquid is used which boils dry at 230 degrees, it’s normal for EDG motor brake system.

  • Made from polyethylene mixture with glycol DOT 4 is suitable for Dodge Avenger.

It’s of great importance to provide normal service for Dodge Avenger brakes, especially when we speak about 2.4 modifications. Keep brakes always in good condition, so 2010 Avenger is ready to go.

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