Last Update: May. 27, 2017, 5:53 a.m.
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Which Bulbs Of Licence Plates For Ford Explorer.

Engine Engine code Year Base Power Voltage
4.0 2001 W2.1x9.5D 5 W 12 V
2000 W2.1x9.5D 5 W 12 V
1999 W2.1x9.5D 5 W 12 V
1998 W2.1x9.5D 5 W 12 V
1997 W2.1x9.5D 5 W 12 V

The standard volt feature at 12 V gives bulbs the overall capacity of 5 W. For 4.0 motor cars Ford used small and economical bulbs. One suitable for Explorer type of bulb base is W2.1x9.5D. All drivers of Ford Explorer as well as other cars, should have license plate lights. Pay attention at quality of lamps for Ford Explorer 4.0 – it’s quite important.

You might have problems with Ford Explorer during installing lamps. You may be sure to find problems if the power isn’t 5 W and voltage is different from 12 V. If there are problems with 2001 Ford Explorer in index plate light, go to the service. Be careful at changing W2.1x9.5D base lamps in Ford cars by yourself.

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