Electric Crotch Rocket – Possible? We Doubt It

The whole world of transport goes electric. Electric buses, personal EVs, planes, drones, boats - everything is being equipped with those batteries and gets rid of internal combustion engines. Crotch rockets are hard to imagine without a proper engine, and here we discussed why.

Nevertheless, there are companies that firmly believe in the future of sport motorcycles with electric engines. For example, there is a Harley Davidson motorcycle that is thought to be one of the world's first electric crotch rockets. Well, there is only a project of it. It's called Harley Davidson LiveWire.

Zero SR is also the project of all-electric motorcycle with sport specs. But it's still not in production and you can't buy it.

Newron EV-1 is another crotch rocket that offers pure electric drive and extremely futuristic design. Of course, such motorbike would cost much more than a traditional crotch rocket.

We can continue with Triumph TE-1 which is now in production and some people even made a test-drive of this fully electric motorbike. Lightning Strike is another bike to mention in the category. But still there is no evidence that the motorcycle is going to be produced for sale. The last project here is Energica EGO. The bike can go at 150 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in 3 seconds.

Electric crotch rockets have one important advantage - there is no gearbox and there is no clutch, so even a kid can drive it. But still, there are people who say that roaring motors between their legs is something they will never trade in for having a silent and boring electric crotch rocket.



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