Is It Possible To Install Paddle Shifters Kit On Car?

The possibility to install paddle shifters on a vehicle seems to be real if the producer of your car had this option on the same kind of gearbox in other trims of your car or in other models. This would mean that paddle shifters are programmed in the transmission and you can install a special kit to improve your vehicle. We discussed it in one of our previous articles here.

If the producer never offered this option for your gearbox, it will be much harder to install the kit. In some cases, it will be impossible. Like in older cars where the transmission may not even have the electronic system that controls it. In newer cars it will still be possible, but you'll have to find a person who can change the transmission software and make it work.

There could be still some problems:

  • the kit may be bad, so it won't work like it should;
  • the software can have glitches and work with problems;
  • there won't be any emergency functions that will save your engine and gearbox in case you do something wrong;
  • the success of the whole operation depends on the person who will do the work.

If your vehicle works well now, it's a bad idea to try and install paddle shifters. Let it work or just find another car with this option. Paddle shifters will work much better if they are installed by the producer and checked thoroughly on thousands of cars.



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